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About Us

Welcome to the Psychedelic Assessment and Treatment Center of Houston (PATCH). At PATCH, we are dedicated to pioneering the future of mental health care through the transformative power of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Our mission is to guide individuals on profound healing journeys, helping them rediscover wellness, experience lasting transformation, and renew their sense of purpose.

Personalized Care at the Forefront of Psychedelic Therapy

At PATCH, we combine 17 years of expert psychiatric care with a heartfelt approach to treating mental health. Pioneers of ketamine  therapies in Houston, our practice has taken pride in creating a supportive, empathetic environment since we first offered ketamine in 2018. Here, you’ll discover professional expertise coupled with compassionate support, guiding you on your journey to mental wellness.

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Why Choose PATCH for Psychedelic Therapy?

Our Approach to Psychedelic Therapy

We offer a range of psychedelic-assisted therapy options, including:

IV Ketamine:

Experience transformative sessions guided by experienced professionals. IV Ketamine sessions often harness the power of this psychedelic producing substance with the goal to facilitate healing and personal growth.